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KIROS Vision

By January 7, 2022January 11th, 2022Blog

– March 17, 2020 –

During this period when we can’t meet at KIROS because of the pandemic (and we pray this period will be short), we need to find ways to reinterpret our mission for such a time as this.

Here is a reminder of our vision and mission:

Who we are: We are Christians in business, transforming our business community by rooted relationship with God and one another.

Why we are here: Our communities and the world at large need Christians that can make a difference and bring Godly change — both by what they do and how they do it.

What we do: Through breakfasts, small groups, and other venues of connection, we cultivate rooted relationships that lead the way for Christians to integrate their faith and business calling more authentically.

How we do it: We meet monthly to connect, encourage, and equip each other to bring transformation to our business world.

Our vision: Our vision is to transform our business communities. The extent to which we are successful is measured by the stories we hear in and through the KIROS community.

During this period when we do not gather, we are going to send out some short reminders consistent with this mission. We will continue to pray, not only for each other, but for God’s protection on our region, since our ultimate goal is to transform our community.

This is the first of some regular reminders of what God is calling us to in business. We will send out several of these over the next few weeks while we track the opportunity to get back together again.

Be of good courage.

The KIROS Board

Prayer for a Life Interrupted….
In the midst of what feels like a gross interruption of our sense of control, may we find ourselves trusting you, God, as the one who is and has always been in control.

In the midst of our interrupted lives may we pay attention to those you’re turning our gaze towards—our neighbors and families, and those most vulnerable to the interruption.

In the mist of our interrupted souls, may we grasp the ways in which you’re shaping and forming us. May you create us anew as a people, to be courageous, loyal, and kind—even in the midst of uncertainty and fear.


*This prayer was written by Shannon Vandewarker, KIROS speaker in 2019, and co-author (with Denise Daniels) of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work. It is reprinted with permission.

Later this week we will send out some specific ways you can take action, to look to those who might be more vulnerable than you.

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