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Helping Our Neighbor

By January 7, 2022Blog

– March 20, 2020 –

The prayer from Shannon Vandewarker, sent out earlier this week, suggested:

In the midst of our interrupted lives may we pay attention to those you’re turning our gaze towards—our neighbors and families, and those most vulnerable to the interruption.

This is consistent with the instruction from Paul to the Philippians (2:5),

“Each of you should think, not only on his own interests, but also on the interests of others.”

What might this look like practically for us at KIROS? Here are several suggestions from the KIROS community.

1. Tripp Parker, one of the KIROS board members, passed on this tweet from broadcaster Peggy Noonan:

“Nice idea out there to help local shops/restaurants/services suffering from decreased business due to the virus. Go in, ask if you can buy a gift certificate for future use. They get the money when they need it, you will use it down the road.”

Tripp added, “I want to encourage the KIROS community to do as they are able. I think this is a good idea and a good witness to our city. Those of us blessed enough that our income isn’t affected by this could do a really great service to our community by doing intentional things for the businesses we are often patrons of.”

2. Eddie Wang, past KIROS speaker, offers this idea. Among the various challenges faced by our community is meeting the present crisis in the region (and nation’s) blood supply:

Health officials say that the local blood supply is in jeopardy of collapsing. (KOMO 3/15)
Local blood supply emergency declared in wake of COVID-19 outbreak. (KOMO 3/10)
Coronavirus pandemic fears could lead to blood shortages across U.S., Red Cross warns. (CBS 3/14)

The outbreak has shuttered remote blood donation drives at schools and workplaces, which account for up to 60% of donated blood units. Fearful donors have also cancelled regularly scheduled appointments. Contact for a location to donate.

3. Dennis Brooke, past KIROS speaker, suggested:

“Christians, don’t hoard toilet paper :-) “

Taking this one step further, if you do have excess toilet paper, hand sanitizers, or sanitizing wipes, consider donating some of what you have to Union Gospel Mission or rescue shelters where there is a real need.

If you have other ideas, please send them and we will disseminate other “ways to serve” to the KIROS community.

In addition, we call on the KIROS community to pray for those affected, for vulnerable communities, for work interruptions, for those in fear, for front-line workers (whether medical, first responders, grocery, nursing home, and many others), and for our entire community.


The KIROS Board

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