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KIROS Working at Home in the Presence of God

By January 18, 2022Blog

– April 21, 2020 –

Last week, Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker spoke at the first KIROS online meeting, outlining some very practical ideas for bringing God into their new routines working from home, from reaching out to solitude.

Many attendees responded with some of their own ideas. Here are a few of them:

Tori Dabasinskas, Marriage Family Therapist Specializing in Anxiety
Thank you to our presenters, hosts and everyone who showed up for the afternoon encouragement, focusing on Spiritual Disciplines and Working in the Presence of God. Denise and Shannon, thank you for your authenticity, genuine feelings and rich teaching. Here is a daily checklist I recommend:

1. Physical
Examples: Get up your heart rate and breathe fresh air! Walk the dog, do jumping jacks with your kids, go for a run, do a workout class online.

2. Spiritual
Examples: Memorize a Bible Verse (say it while you do your push-ups!), Focus on the Prayer of Examen, Listen to Worship songs, Read a Devotional….ask God what He wants show you in this moment today!

3. Mental
Examples: Focus on work, Listen to a TED talk or Podcast, Read an article.

4. Love/ Service
Examples: Have fun with this! Look for the good in anyone’s effort and acknowledge it. Call a Grandparent and tell them something you appreciate about them. Give the take-out person an extra big tip. Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you. Empty the dishwasher!

5. Laughter
Examples: Share a funny meme, tickle your kids or spouse, listen to a favorite comedian, laugh!

Alan Pratt, Director of NW Region, The Signatry

I have found it helpful to reach out to others, particularly now when we need to keep our physical distance. I started this practice five weeks ago, and MANY blessings have come out of it. In fact, our entire Team at The Signatry (45 people) have put this into practice. Wonderful outcomes!

5 Text messages
10 Phone calls (including Zoom calls)
10 emails
Every Day!

This makes 25 “touchpoints” with different people every day. ….. Ask them sincerely….How are you doing? Really mean it! Conversations often go on for 30, 60, or 90 minutes! Let the Lord direct the conversation from that point forward. Amazing to see what HE has done with this simple daily discipline. Remember – it’s 25 different people. If I have one text, one call, and one email to the same person, it is ONE touchpoint.

Mike Salokas, KIROS Transitions Leader

I am committed to praying more, particularly in activities such as chores and exercise. I find working in the yard has been a great place to pray, allowing me to find God in places I typically don’t look.

Paul Graves, Consultant (Now working in England, able to attend KIROS online!)

I use the Prayer of Examen, taking people through it in my work, even though it is intended for personal use. Here are a few other things I recommend:

1. Make a list of people to pray for once per month (could be 5, could be 10, could be 31!) As months go on and your habit develops, add people as you feel God lead.

2. Send a text or email to the person you’ve decided to pray for that day, saying something like this: “Hey ______, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put you on my prayer calendar. I am reserving the ____ day of each month to pray for you, your family, your work, and your ministry. How can I be praying for you today?”

3. After receiving the response, ask to pray with them briefly over the phone, something like this: “I will be praying for these things today. Do you have 5-10 minutes today when I could call you and we could pray briefly together over the phone? Don’t worry about the time difference or long distance. A great window of time for me is anytime before/after _______ your time.”

4. When they respond, call them. During the call, jump into prayer at the beginning and reserve the end of the call to chat if necessary. Try to keep the call to 10 mins max so that it will be easy for them to make time for it next time. Take notes and follow up with a text message in a couple of days to see how prayers are being answered. Take time to offer praise to God for answered prayer.

5. After you have been doing your calendar for a couple of cycles, begin praying that God would reveal to you people on your list that would be interested in starting their own prayer calendar. As God reveals this to you, bring this up in conversation during your next prayer call and offer to help them get started.

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