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Reflections from the Young Professionals Chapter

By January 19, 2022Blog

– May 9, 2020 –

Jessica Zistatsis, who heads the KIROS Young Professionals Group, asked her team leaders to share what this time of Covid-19 means to them. Here are two of the responses:

Jonathan Vossler, Digital Marketing/Social Media/Advertising/Public Relations
KIROS Young Professionals Speaker Coordinator

What a time to be alive! I know so many are hurting and being extraordinarily challenged during these unprecedented times. Whether that be emotionally, financially, physically, or just fighting the unknown and fear/anxiety that can so easily overwhelm us. But one thing I know, is WE WILL get through this and we will be stronger, more unified, and closer to God because of it!

Through great trials comes greater growth. And I have indeed been growing exponentially during this time. The thought I will leave you with is God is the God of peace, and no matter how great the storm may be, He will be right there next to us as we go through it. For me, growth has looked like slowing everything down and learning to be physically and mentally present in all that I do. I have been in a constant state of “hurry,” “busyness,” and been very “preoccupied” by everything around me, including in my own mind. I am learning to slow down, and “abide and “be” in the presence of God and in the relationships around me. Changing and reprioritizing my habits, some of which had become unhealthy, and so many more things. I could not be more grateful for this time where everything seems to have come to a screeching halt, for me to be able to slow down, and make these needed changes in my life. I hope this has been encouraging for you and an invitation for continued growth. I pray that God directs our steps as we seek Him, and I pray that peace will fill our hearts and minds today more than ever before. God bless you!

Ryan Shope, Project Manager, Marketing Consulting
KIROS Young Professionals Operations Lead

Hope you all are able to get some sunshine between the social distancing! As we all know, these uncertain times can produce a lot of fear and stress. What we may not see as clearly is that COVID, like any other obstacle, can be a surprising platform for growth.

These past few weeks have tested all of us, but one thing I’ve noticed is that my mindset has shifted back from the future to the present. In the pre-COVID world, I, like many of us, was obsessed with maximizing my time to the point of burnout. Now that I’ve been inside for a few weeks, I’ve started to appreciate this time as an unconventional, but much needed Sabbath.

With the head (and physical) space to pause and evaluate my life, I’ve spent more time in the Word, communicating (electronically) with my loved ones, and assessing what’s really important to me. It goes against the grain, but while COVID has been a disaster, the way God has moved me to focus on the why has been a blessing.

While I don’t know what your specific circumstances may be, I do know you have a God who has blessed you with the Spirit to meet any obstacle. I pray for the KIROS community and look forward to communing with you all soon!

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