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John Adami

John Adami, P.E., is a small business owner with nearly 40 years of experience as a supplier / connector / leader in the North American heavy-duty truck market. His engineering and commercial roles include executive positions responsible for business development, product development, engineering, and sales. John currently co-leads Northwest Heavy Duty, Inc., a specialized manufacturer’s rep firm serving PACCAR and the rest of the major truck OEM’s. John also serves on several boards, including national organizations related to the truck industry.

John and his wife Sandi have a primary residence in Alderwood, and a second home in Lake Chelan. They are parents to two children and a granddaughter, all of whom reside outside the Seattle area! John and Sandi are actively involved with Evergreen Church in Bothell, and Lake Chelan Bible Church when they are east of the mountains.

Since 2011, John has been an active participant in the Bellevue Chapter of KIROS. “Attending KIROS functions these past dozen years has been of tremendous personal benefit. That said, when viewed regionally the impact of KIROS is much bigger. It is no exaggeration to say that KIROS, by God’s grace and through its focus on the intersection of faith and work, is a catalyzing force for cultural transformation.”