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Mike Wehner

Mike Wehner moved from the Midwest to the Puget Sound in 1988, and after he paid for his first and last month’s rent he had 76 cents to his name. He runs his financial services practice for the benefit of business owners, families and individuals. About half his practice revolves around enlightening business owners on monetizing their businesses so they can protect their interest in it while creating the streams of retirement income they are looking to achieve through exit planning. He spends the other half of his time creating comprehensive financial plans for families and individuals who have complex financial lives, and helps them get over the fear of taking the first step.

Mike met his wife Mimi on a hiking trip to the crater rim at Mt. St. Helens. They both enjoy their two children and attend St. Louise in Bellevue where they have been active volunteers.

Mike has been attending KIROS since 2011, where he has served as the Bellevue Chapter Director, COO, and Board Chair for KIROS. Having his eyes opened to the fact that God wants us to do His will in the marketplace has inspired him to change the way he approaches his day and his clients. “KIROS has had a transformational effect on my life. It gives me so much purpose at work because not only do I know it is His will, I now know many Christians in the same space.”