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Randal Dick

Randal’s passion, education and experience converge around organizational health. He defines organizational health as a company that makes a lot of money and better people. As a certified Process Consultant and executive coach, Randal helps boards of directors, C-suite leaders and management get clarity and confidence to successfully lead in the “soft” areas, relationships, empowerment, engagement and organizational culture.

Randal is a Forum Chair for Convene, a Christian peer advisory network that helps Christian business owners and CEOs take their business to the next level, with a Kingdom focus. Randal has extensive experience leading in unstable and high change environments. As an ordained minister, Randal has also provided servant leadership to churches and mission operations in over 70 countries.

Randal lives in Tacoma, Washington. Randal joined the KIROS Board in 2009 and has served as the Board chair and director of the Bellevue and Tacoma Chapters. “I believe that as Christian leaders we have been given a God-ordained task to help Christians in business be a transforming force in their market context, and that KIROS plays a major role.”