Randal Dick

Randal Dick spent 15 years as a senior pastor and 17 years providing oversight to the business and the ministries in approximately 70 countries, then began a journey to find the convergence between God’s values and business success. He is currently a Senior Consultant with Design Group International, helping to bring a new product to market designed to find and fix profit leakage using Gallup and Maister’s character-based factors to drive financial performance. In 2012, he earned a doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He remains an ordained minister of Grace Communion International.

Randal and his wife Susan live in Renton and attend New Hope Christian Fellowship.

Randal joined the KIROS Board in 2009, and has served as director of the Bellevue Chapter. “I believe that KIROS is a God-ordained ministry to support God’s servants to be transforming force in their individual market context.”