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Scott Hedgcock

Scott is a Lead Advisor and Partner at Aletheian Wealth Advisors in Bellevue, Washington. Scott has over 14 years of experience serving high net worth clients as trusted advisor. Scott has done this both as a wealth advisor and a trust officer. He is passionate about serving others and helping them plan for the sort of complexity significant wealth creates. Scott enjoys educating and collaborating with individuals and families on stewarding and passing on their legacy assets. He especially enjoys doing his work cross generationally and has helped many families through the complicated process of creating a legacy plan and then seeing that plan carried out.

Aside from his duties at work, Scott is passionate about his community. He serves as an elder in his church and serves on a couple of non- profit boards including KIROS and the YP board of the Washington Policy Center.

Finally and most importantly when he isn’t at work, Scott is at home with his wife and 4 kids helping take care of their small suburban farm just north of Seattle.

Scott is the Bellevue Chapter Director and on the KIROS Board. “KIROS fills a unique role in our community by creating a common area where believers can meet and be encouraged in their faith, in their work and in the application of their faith to their calling. In a day that is increasingly devoid of such meeting places I have found KIROS to be a wonderful place to fellowship and connect on these important topics.”