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Tatiana Darnell

As a teenager, in 1996, Tatiana and her family immigrated to the Seattle area from Russia to chase the American Dream. She met Christ in the midst of her search for purpose and direction. In that same year, she discovered her passion for architecture and design. Tatiana is a University of Washington graduate with a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Architecture. She has 25 years of experience in her field and is the owner of a residential architecture and interior design firm, Space Lab Design Services, that she established in 2015.

Tatiana and her husband Josh, have two teenage children. They are members of Timberlake Church in Redmond, where they regularly serve in various ministries.

When Tatiana became self-employed, she wanted to become part of a community of professionals that share her Faith, and to find the encouragement to be the Light outside vocational ministry. She found both at KIROS! “My faith and passion for what I do really ignited around the same time at seventeen and have been intertwined ever since. KIROS fuels that fire.”