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KIROS Outdoor Event at Vasa Park

“How Does Your Specific Work Make a Difference for the Kingdom of God”

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

In Luke chapter 3, John the Baptist challenged the people to live in a different way in light of Christ’s coming. Luke 3:12, ”The tax collectors said, ‘What should we do?’” Luke 3:14, “Then the soldiers said, ‘What should we do?’” In each case, John did not tell them to leave their work, but rather to carry it on in a new way. Suppose John were here in Bellevue today, and he came with the same challenge. How might he answer the same question from financial planners, architects, tech workers, consultants, or business owners? We will offer several illustrations of this from KIROS participants, and then have small group discussion allowing each person to explore their own area of work.

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When we meet:
7:30AM, fourth Thursday of the month

Where we meet:
415 Westlake Venue
415 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

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About KIROS Seattle

KIROS Seattle was founded in 2004 by Thomas and Charity Osborn, along with many other faithful team members. The team replicated the Bellevue KIROS experience in Seattle and has been supporting Seattle-based believers in business ever since. The Seattle KIROS chapter is currently led by Kristen Thornton, who took on the role of Chapter Director in 2018.

The Seattle chapter, since inception has had a strong partnership with SPU’s School of Business And Economics, and in recent years with the SPU Center for Integrity in Business. There have been a wide variety of speakers including CEOs, COOs, Senior Partners, entrepreneurs, and others.

All guest speakers are selected and guided to provide their perspective on how we integrate our faith and our work to encourage, equip and transform our work. The Seattle chapter meets at 415 Westlake, a venue that is central to the thriving business community of South Lake Union and downtown.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Seattle Chapter, please contact the KIROS Administrator at info@kiros.org.

Seattle Chapter News

The Seattle chapter is looking for volunteers to help with day of event coordination and the welcome team. This is a great way to serve in the KIROS community. For more information contact us at info(at)kiros.org.