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Volunteer Needs

Event Coordination Team Members needed to help plan and execute the monthly breakfast meetings. For more information contact: Paul Jackson at paul_jackson(at)

Prayer: The Sunday-Monday Disconnect

“Lord, I wouldn’t want to worship a divided God. You are the One, the Almighty, the Only True God. Yet divisive pressures and the catchword “balance” are all around me. You are undivided, and you made me undivided. Please help me to live and work undividedly. If that means I’ve got to make some changes, help me to face them and do them. Amen.”

1. Why are our “work zones” actually “God zones”?
2. Does all of you do all that you do? Could it be that you need to give attention to reintegrating your life parts, including work, with each other? How can you do that?

Living our Faith and our Work

Led by John Pfaff, this ministry is sponsored by University Place Presbyterian Church in conjunction with many other local community churches, supporting their congregational members in the marketplace – “to bring Christ into their vocation.” Contact information: johnnypfaff(at)


John Pfaff: The first time I walked into a KIROS breakfast meeting, I saw sixty to seventy CEO(s), CFO(s), COO(s), Managers, and Business Owners all praying to Christ. I was astounded that these types of people would openly be in prayer about their companies, their work, their community, and their families. As business people, we need Christ in our lives not just on Sundays but, from the start of the work week to the end, in our dealings with others, in the successes and the challenges. At KIROS you can share these ideals with other Christ believers in the marketplace.