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April 2015 Event Recap – Matthew Kaemingk

“Discovering Your Calling: Dispelling Myths and Finding Grace in Your Workplace”

On Thursday, April 16th, Matthew Kaemingk, Director of Cascade Fellows, spoke at the KIROS Bellevue Chapter breakfast at Maggiano’s in Bellevue, WA. It was a smaller, more intimate setting than normal since the meeting was on Thursday instead of its normal second Friday of the month. Those that did attend received a special treat as Matthew spoke about a compelling topic as it relates to Faith and the Workplace.

“The ten myths made me think and process. I will be processing for a while,” one attendee shared. Another commented, “Matt really helped me expand on what it means to live out your faith at work.”

We’ve listed out his topic of the Ten Myths of Vocation and The One Truth.

The Ten Myths of Vocation

Myth 1: Vocation and the Mission Map
o A true mission map will have all of our marketplace callings. They will be in sync. Whether it’s working at Microsoft, Amazon, or a stay at home mom.

Myth 2: Vocation as a Gospel Platform
o Your vocation isn’t just a place to share, but a place to live out the Gospel where God has called you to be. Things like:
-Evangelism: Talk about it at work
-Ethics: Obey in living it out
-Enrichment: Blessed by the Gospel at work

Myth 3: The Single Vocation
o There is a belief that we have only one vocation and it will remain the same yet we have many callings and it will involve many areas of our life.
-Community (City, Work, Church, etc)

Myth 4: The Extraordinary Vocation
o Especially problematic for young people that their vocation should require fireworks or a WOW factor.
o God often calls us to the ordinary and we must cultivate the understanding of what we perceive as ‘ordinary.’

Myth 5: The Powerless Vocation
o I am just a cog in the corporate wheel, just a subject of my work or boss. Change your perspective to allow God to move in you so you may impact others.

Myth 7: The Secular Vocation
o There is no secular vocation, we are all working in the worship of something.

Myth 8: The Superior Vocation
o I have a PhD or I have many employees reporting to me. Is this really important? Do we need hierarchies that our culture reinforces to define value?
o The kingdom of heaven has a different set of what is valuable in this world.

Myth 9: The Obvious Vocation
o I will have an audible call to what I do; a vision of what God wants.
o Often times we learn by being in community, hearing from others, and knowing our talents (what we’re good at).

Myth 10: The Self Actualizing Vocation
o My calling will fulfill me in life
o Our calling is not a place that we are actualized, it is a place where we are formed, where we are patient and caring. Not a place to serve you but a place where you serve others.

The One Truth
• This is MY Vocation
o It is not your career, it is not your calling, it is for the life of the world and for the glory of God. Remember, stress is a sign of our own selfishness and pride. YOU have been purchased by the ultimate sacrifice.
o For more visit: Heidelberg Catechism