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February 2017 Event Recap – Dennis Brooke

“Using the Power of Story to Influence the World”

With the magnificence of an absolutely beautiful sunrise, against a clear blue morning sky, on February 17, the Tacoma KIROS attendees gathered to hear the wisdom and creativity of an excellent story teller, Dennis Brooke. By telling a story, Dennis weaves facts, data and information into a poignant message that resonates in the heart and mind of the hearer.

Dennis Brooke is a University of Washington graduate who served in the US Air Force in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. After his Air Force career, he moved into technology management and leadership and worked in locations ranging from Sydney to Sao Paulo. He is the former president of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and the author of The Last Apostle, a novel based on the idea that John, the last living apostle of Jesus Christ, is still alive and living in…Seattle. Dennis and his wife, Laurie, retired last year and now spend most of their time traveling abroad and in the US.

Storytelling is a marvelous way to establish a connection with the audience, that makes a point and gets the message across in an interesting and personal way. This is similar to how the prophet Nathan used the story of a stolen lamb in 2 Samuel 11:2-12:13 to rebuke the former shepherd, King David. We too can influence our world with story. By practicing the skills of storytelling: the building to the key point and the use of a properly placed pause, one becomes a good storyteller, making a lasting impact on hearer. Mr. Brooks makes the statement “The great persuade is personal experience or profound vicarious experience.”

As Christians, we are called to witness and as members of KIROS, we strive to transform our business community. But—what’s the best way to accomplish those aims? Since ancient times, storytellers have used their skills to influence their societies and even change the course of history. The use of storytelling is a powerful technique that you can use in the workplace, at home, and in your community.

-Give an example of where a story changed your mind or your life?
-What opportunity do you have at work to use a story, rather than persuasion, to influence people?
-What story in the Bible most speaks to you?