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May 2015 Event Recap – Eddie Wang

“Working for Jesus – An Ongoing Journey from Student to Servant”

The Tacoma KIROS breakfast meeting was graced to hear Eddie Wang share on the role of intergenerational friendships and mentorship in his life, and how this has formed his perspective on what it means to work for Jesus. These mentoring relationships are both biblical and good for business and bring value to both parties.

Eddie Wang is a remarkable young man who graduated from UW with a passion for entrepreneurship, technology and philanthropy. He is currently working full-time with “Centered”, a start-up that seeks to equip Jesus-Centered leaders through the power of story and community. Centered uses video clips of business leaders to tell the stories of what it means to walk with Jesus in business.

Eddie shared about his treasure hunt of life, finding the glory of God in everything and everyone. We are treasure hunters; seeking after God, finding glory in each other, coming together for one purpose, each of us doing our part in everything we do for the glory of God!

1. Finding treasure in yourself:
– Ministry flows from worship and intimacy with God.
– Psalm 27:4 “One Thing” David desired of the Lord was to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

2. Finding treasure in others: Meeting and encouraging people right where they are.

3. Finding Treasure in business: Glory comes in the unity of purpose. When we work together we are perfected in unity. John 17:22-23

God is not hiding things from us but for us. Is there buried treasure in your field and what do you have to share with others right where you are?