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March 2015 Event Recap – Linda Remsberg

“Some Days are Diamond, Some Days are Stone: Journals of a Leader”

The Tacoma KIROS gathering was blessed to have Linda Remsberg share from the heart, her personal story of God being ever-present in her Life. Linda is a successful business leader with extensive experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and business owner. Linda built a loyal work force that still seeks to work with her, through integrity, motivation and hard work. She loves people and business that help people become all they can be.

Linda journals; she describes her journaling as talking to God and listening to the casual reply. Through some extremely difficult and hard places, Linda has known and experienced the presence of God. When she looks back at the stones and hard places of life, it has been the presence of God and knowing God that is more precious than diamonds.

You are Commissioned “Go over this Jordon… to the land I am giving you…No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life…” -Joshua 1:1-9

We are commissioned by God. Each of us, as professionals and leaders are Commissioned by God to go. Go where it is hard to go and others are afraid to go. Go where there are walls to be torn down and giants to be overcome.

Be Strong and Courageous “… only be strong and courageous.” -Joshua 1:6

Do not shirk from your Commission; be Strong and Courageous.

Be Intentional “…this book of the Law, meditate on it day and night.” -Joshua 1:7-8

And the way to do this is to study and know intimately the Book of the Law…Day and night. Do this intentionally with purpose and plan. Do all the Law commands you.

There is a very important reason “…so that all the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty.” -Joshua 4:24.

Community: A Heart among Stones