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February 2014 Event Recap – Joseph Castleberry

“The Work Net, Networking, and the Kingdom of God”

The February KIROS attendees were blessed by Joseph Castleberry, President of Northwest University, as he shared his passion for work and faith. In his presentation, Joseph told us how he considered himself to be the least likely candidate for the position of President at Northwest University, yet God was at work. Arriving in the Northwest knowing no one, forming relationships, serving people and connecting became the embodiment of his role at Northwest University.

The God-given mission of humanity in Gen. 1:28 is to be fruitful, to multiply, and to fill and govern the earth. God gives us Himself as the first worker and the first employer (Gen. 2:2, 15.) The mission of God can only succeed through divine human partnership – the bringing of our talents, gifts and strengths to extend God’s work through human work. The honor of work is the partnering with God in worship, bringing benefit to humanity and the recognition of work’s value as profit.

Networking is the process by which the work net flourishes. Our work becomes the Net Work of God as we are cast into the workplace to meet and serve people at the level of their need (Mathew 13:47-49.) Jesus’ life gives us the perfect model of networking, meeting and serving people. Jesus calls us to follow him and he will make us fishers of men (Mathew 4:19.) Fulfilling our God-given purpose gives us a sense of well-being. Following Jesus and walking in the spirit is the essence of worship and fellowship with God.

How does your Work Net honor God and allow others to flourish?
What kind of serving (others) is going on in your networking?