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March 2017 Event Recap – Steve Brock

“What You Most Avoid May Be What You Most Need”

Tacoma KIROS met at CI Shenanigans for breakfast on March 17 for a truly thought-provoking presentation.

Steve Brock is the CEO of Brand:Wallop, an integrated marketing consultancy specializing in branding, social marketing (fundraising for non-profits and Corporate Social Responsibility for corporations) and the Internet. Steve serves as the lead brand and digital marketing strategist and has led projects for clients ranging from corporations such as Microsoft, Walmart, Prudential and Safeco Insurance to not-for-profit organizations such as the American Bible Society, American Red Cross, Compassion International, Cru, Focus on the Family, the Salvation Army and World Vision.

Prior to Brand:Wallop and his previous company, HighPoint Solutions, Steve served in a variety of leadership roles at World Vision, headed up the import/export division of a Japanese electronics manufacturer and taught a graduate program in International Marketing and Trade in China. Steve graduated with distinction from The Thunderbird School of Global Management with an MBA in the areas of Pacific Rim studies, Marketing and Mandarin Chinese. Steve holds a BA from the University of Redlands where he graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a dual major in Economics and German.

Steven expanded on the 7 things we most avoid and yet may be what we most need:

Boredom – Tolerating boredom enhances our imagination. We hate distractions, yet we pursue the things that cause distractions. We can’t do intensive thinking when we are always distracted.

Boundaries – Boundaries help us say “no” to the things or ideas that do not fit our goals and values. Our best creative work is done within boundaries.

Change – Change is inevitable, so get on the right side of change by developing a learning plan.

Community – Character is developed within community. We need each other; for most people innovation occurs in a group.

Failure – Failure is a matter of perspective. We pray for things to go well, but we grow through the difficulties and by taking risks.

Suffering – It is by suffering that we develop empathy. Most of us forget to credit God with our success, but we call out for God’s attention when we our suffering. We grow through suffering.

Truth – Truth can be inconvenient at times. What is honorable versus honesty?

These seven things we avoid may be what we most need to choose between the good, the bad and the best.

What have you been avoiding?
What do you need to change in your life?