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October 2015 Event Recap – Randy Wilcox

“Our Faith at Work – What Difference Should it Make?”

The October KIROS Monthly Breakfast was privileged to have Randy Wilcox, the former President of Americas of Otis Elevator Company, share and encourage the attendees.

Randy Wilcox retired from his position as president of Americas for Otis Elevator Company, a division of United Technologies, after 33 years. Previously, Randy lived in Hong Kong where he served as president of Otis South Asia Pacific Area for five years. Randy started in sales and refers to himself as an accidental executive. It was clear by listening to Randy speak that this was no accident. He is a man of God and a true executive who uses his God given talents and gifts well.

With the strong, calm, humble assurance of someone who lives his faith, Randy shared the five characteristics that make a difference in our work relationships:

– Integrity
– Courage
– Compassion
– Humility
– Purpose

Randy told of his retirement party where, “who you are and what you did,” are what are remembered and mentioned. We like to think we do great things and make a difference in our career, but what is significant and remembered by our co-workers is our integrity and relationships. Honesty matters. You’ll stand out when you try to do the right thing, especially when it may be costly. Co-workers notice the little things and your integrity has an impact far greater than you may know.

Knowledge and beliefs are meaningless without the courage to live by them. Randy quoted C.S. Lewis from The Screwtape Letters:

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.”

What is the compassionate thing to do? If we truly believe that our employees are our greatest asset, then it’s important to listen and care for them. We as Christians, aliens in this world, need to be a model for compassion in this world and at work.

Humility is so countercultural, it makes a difference. Jesus calls us out on our pride and says the least will be the greatest (1 Peter 5: 5b-6) – letting others have the credit, growing them as employees, identifying their talents and strengths. Showing humility in the workplace is so rare, so when it is done, it really makes a difference.

We as Christians know the end. Redemption is the greater purpose. Staying committed to our purpose as Christians makes a difference in our confidence, and it makes a difference in the way we see people and in the larger story.

What a privilege to join together with other Christians who were equipped and encouraged by Randy Wilcox! He is a truly humble man who lives strong, calm and confident with his Lord and Savior, and we have been blessed.