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May 2016 Event Recap – Carol Stanley

“Be the Light – Avoiding Mistakes in the Marketplace”

A light of creativity and beauty was shining brightly Friday Morning at the Tacoma KIROS breakfast meeting, where Carol Stanley was the speaker. Carol radiates joy and a love for God and people. Her passion is helping others come into their excellence.

Carol Stanley is a Voice and Presentation Skills Coach. She guides entrepreneurs, church leaders, aspiring speakers and singers to gain confidence, poise, and command over voice, body, mind, and spirit. Prior, Carol has a vast background in stage performance, screen, TV, recording music albums, speaking and singing professionally. She is an author and has a forthcoming book, Born to be Awesome.

To be the light that shines and offers hope and light for others, we need to be alert and attentive to avoiding the mistakes that steal our joy and dim the light.

Mistake #3 – Not Knowing Who You Truly Are
We need to see ourselves as God sees us. (1Peter 2:9) A chosen people with God given talents for His Glory. Carol uses a tree as an example of a life lived in balance. She calls it the Tree of Excellence. (John 15:1 and Psalms 1:3) Jesus is the Trunk of the tree. The branches are the relationships we have with people and the fruit we bear. The roots of the tree are our foundation and stability. Choosing the way we think and taking every thought captive, for your thoughts are the roots of the tree that feed and nourish your actions. Our nourishment of mind, body and spirit is like the balance of a three-legged stool.

Mistake #2 – Not Taking Credibility Seriously
Carol describes credibility as the level of respect others hold and think about us. All business is a people business; our honesty, authenticity, integrity and our love for others is important.

Mistake #1 – Allowing Fear to Dim Your Light
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power and love and discipline. (2Timothy1:7) Keeping our eyes on Jesus, we may feel fear but be led by the spirit of God and love to faith and action.

*How have I been the light of love in my workplace, church and community? Where can I do better?
*How can I improve my credibility in my workplace and life in general? Where are the areas I have struggled with credibility?
*How can I look at balance and relationship-building in my life to shine Christ’s light brighter?