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Sponsorship Program

Benefits of Sponsorship:
• The Sponsor’s logo will be on all event invitations for the month.
• The Sponsor logo will be present on the website footer page for the sponsor month.
• A one line Tagline/comment (about the sponsoring organization) can be included with the logo if desired.
• The Sponsor logo will continue to be featured for 1 year on the KIROS Sponsorship Page.
• The above are all included for $500 per month.

Further Details:
1. Sponsorship Real Estate – the Logo for the sponsor will be listed on the KIROS Sponsorship webpage for 1 year.
2. Sponsor logo will be listed on KIROS Event Invitations for all 3 Chapters (over 3000 recipients each month).
3. At all chapter monthly KIROS events, the emcee will mention the sponsor and include a sponsorship slide at the meeting.
4. Sponsor logo/link will be posted on our KIROS Social Media pages.
5. To be a sponsor, agree with KIROS Membership criteria:
6. The KIROS board reserves the right to make final determination of business/member alignment with KIROS values.

Click here to view our sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring KIROS, contact us at

Sponsorship Form

  • Click here to view KIROS' statement of purpose/core values, statement of faith, and guiding principles.
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