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KIROS Transitions – Employment Categories

Regular Full time or Part time Employment
When employers require talent with existing job-related knowledge, skills and experience to perform a job relevant to the employer’s immediate needs. Job candidates can range from executive-level professionals to hourly staff ( as one reference, full-time employment is usually considered between 30-40 hours a week, while part-time employment is usually less than 30 hours a week). For employment related guidelines, see:

Temporary / Contract
Temporary workers are employees hired for a specified period of time. Contract workers are hired to perform a job or task – are not considered employees and should not be managed or supervised as a regular employee. Interns are typically students who take internships to learn (not to perform tasks no one else in your company likes). For helpful information, see:

High-Potential Trainees
High-potential trainees are those identified as potential high performers (often hired immediately following college graduation) who, once training is completed, may be good candidates for management level positions. Information including an example of a Trainee Program can be found at:

Interns are typically students who engage in internships to learn about the world of work and in doing so – often receive academic credit. Internship programs provide employers with opportunities to gain a more favorable reputation in the community by mentoring students and in doing so…develop the reputation as a concerned employer of choice. Employer guidelines surrounding internships can be found at: