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Coordinator, Resident Services (CRS)
Apartment Life

Contact Person: Jackie Ratzlaff
Contact Email:
Full-time or Part-time job

The Coordinator, Resident Services (CRS) will be responsible for excellence in executing the service plan of Apartment Life’s (AL) offsite program communities. This leader will be passionate about the vision and mission of AL and the desires of its partners to help residents navigate various social needs and crises which can include Financial Assistance, Food Assistance, Filing Unemployment, At-Risk Youth, or seeking rent relief and career counseling.

This part-time position will report to the region’s Program Management leader and work closely with the on-site management team. The Resident Services Coordinator will look to impact the lives of residents by providing the education, support, and resources necessary to achieve stability for individuals and families living in the communities to which they’re assigned.

Specifically, the CRS will work with their Apartment Life supervisor to prepare a schedule to balance their time between 1-4 communities depending on whether they are full-time or part-time. The CRS will determine appropriate monthly programming to meet the needs of each community. Each program can include workshops/classes for adults and youth, time to meet with residents one on one, and community activities.

Important Details:
–This role is approximately 20 hours per week, serving two properties in Everett, WA.
–The position is offsite, meaning the applicant does NOT need to live at the properties.
–The Coordinator will create a monthly schedule that includes office hours as well as coordination of community activities and/or workshops.
–Basic Spanish is required with an ability to have short conversations and assist with forms as needed.
–You may see a place where you can provide a link to a Linked-In profile, resume or cover letter. For this position with Apartment Life, you are welcome to submit those, but it is not required!
–Near the top of the application where it says “Current Company,” if you attend a local church, share the name of your church there. Or, you can share where you work.

Service Coordination – To ensure programs flourish in excellence, the Resident Service Coordinator will:
–Coordinate with corporate, government, and non-profit partners to deliver quality programs tailored to the unique needs of each community.
–Coordinate or host resident workshops for adult and youth education.
–Meet with residents to assist with specific needs.
–Prepare and distribute communication to residents for rental assistance, food assistance, and other necessary assistance.
–Personally oversee each activity and ensure they run as planned.
–If you are assigned more than one property, driving between properties on a rotating schedule is require to complete the program.
–Communicate effectively and regularly with the onsite staff.
–Meet virtually on a weekly basis with AL supervisor to discuss programs, goals, and service implementation.
–Report activity and impact each month.

Stewardship – This is a principle that speaks into every facet of this position. Coordinators have the privilege of working with other non-profits, city initiatives, the local church, and like-minded businesses to carry out the resident service plan. The coordinator has core responsibilities that help steward the relationships we have been entrusted with. These include:
–Ensuring Apartment Life’s core values are at the center of decision-making.
–Viewing their individual goals as part of the common regional goals in recruiting, growth, people impact, client relationships, operations, and strategizing on how to be an active part in making the overall goal a reality.
–Ensuring their administration time is consistent and effective and understanding that their individual tasks impact the work of others and how our clients and partners perceive value.
–Coordinators are also required to steward resident relationships, money, access to clubrooms, and many other aspects of the program with excellence. It is imperative that Coordinators act with utmost integrity in every area.

Background, Experience, and Education:
–Bachelor’s Degree.
–Experience in outreach and/or ministry preferred. Experience serving low income populations preferred.
–For full time role: 3+ years of social services experience preferred.
–For part time role: Experience in social impact work preferred.
–Bilingual (Spanish) preferred.
–Ability to work with local charities, food banks, and unemployment resources.
–Ability to provide after-hours service as needed.

Competence – The skills necessary to execute the requirements of this role are:
–Communication skills (verbal/written)
–Event planning skills, including administration
–Networking skills
–Conflict resolution
–Tech/computer skills
–Multidisciplinary communication

Coordinators Must:
–Be 18 years of age or older.
–Be legally eligible to work in the United States (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).
–Have basic fluency in English to compose marketing elements for the community and required reports for the property management company (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).
–Possess a current driver’s license and liability insurance, and access to a form of reliable transportation to complete coordinator duties such as shopping for events and connecting with vendors.
–Be physically able to use stairs, bend, sit, stand, stoop, carry up to 25 pounds (at least one coordinator if serving as a team).
–Due to the responsibilities of the role, including access to apartment community information and resources, property funds for events, and the potential for interacting with children, all coordinators must have the ability to pass a criminal background check in compliance with federal, state, and local law.
–Have the availability to commit weekly hours to perform job responsibilities.
–Be able to make the minimum term commitment to serving in the apartment community.