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Development Manager
3W Medical for Women

Contact Person: TAYLOR WORTHEN
Contact Phone: (206) 588-0311

JOB TITLE: Development Coordinator
FSLA STATUS: 1.0 FTE; Exempt

To respectfully provide compassionate evidence-based sexual health services and education necessary to make informed healthcare decisions.

The Development Manager will acknowledge in writing their agreement to comply with the organization’s Behavioral Commitment document as well as all other applicable policies.

The Development Manager primary responsibilities is to partner with the Media Director and Executive Assistant in managing and guiding the advancement department under the direct supervision of the CEO. The Development Manager plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates ongoing and special project funding programs for 3W Medical for Women by performing the following duties personally or through delegation to other team members.

1. Assist in writing grant proposals, developing event opportunities and speaking opportunities for the CEO or President
2. Work directly with management and development team to manage project workflow and oversee day to day milestones for projects
3. Create a 3W fundraising manual
4. Collaborate with the CEO to identify prospective new donors and proactively initiate sponsorship and fundraising opportunities
5. Works collaboratively with marketing and branding staff to develop public relations materials to enhance the image of 3W Medical for Women and to promote fundraising.
6. Lead pledge programs – working in collaboration with the Advancement Team
7. Is continuously studying, reading, and learning best practices for connecting with supporters and fundraising.
8. Organizes solicitation drives for pledges of ongoing support from individuals, corporations, and foundations.
9. Assists in helping management in the development of fundraising goals and works to achieve and surpass these goals
10. Plans and works collaboratively with CEO and Event Coordinator in hosting benefit events such as banquets, auctions, and tournaments.
11. Work with speakers to develop event programs and run of shows specifically 3W Presents, Cheers with 3W etc.
12. Establish a realistic budget for events and account for anticipated fundraising outcomes. Keep track of spending on events and all fundraising related purchases. Report back to CEO budget.
13. Oversee various fundraising efforts including product sales, obtaining items for sale in auctions
14. Monitor and ensure the appropriate follow up occurs with donors and supporters
15. Collaborate with the advertisement and marketing departments to promote fundraising events using flyers, advertisements and digital marketing outreach
16. Identifies potential supporters and contributors to 3W Medical for Women, including general fund, ongoing operations and special projects through examination of past records, individual histories, knowledge of the community, state, and region.
17. Research public and private grant agencies and foundations to identify sources of funding for faculty development, development of organizational programs, community service, or other special projects.
18. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining records of contributors and grants and preparing letters of appreciation sent to contributors.
19. In collaboration with the CEO, at the end of each fiscal year or quarter, Development Coordinators will be charged with designing a comprehensive fundraising plan for the coming year or quarter. Each plan will be focused on generating revenue, encouraging participation and boosting community involvement, and will be used as a general blueprint by all involved departments within the organization.
20. Maintains organizational relationships with appropriate external consultants.
21. Works with CEO to determine the needs of the Advancement Departments and establishes strategic plan.
22. Delegates tasks to appropriate team members
23. Must attend staff meetings and board meetings.
24. Additional duties as requested by the CEO
25. Must give WAMS and 3W Medical for Women permission to video and take pictures of employee for all promotional materials and where it is appropriate for use of employee images.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
a. Oversees all employees in the areas of Advancement Department.
b. Manages the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of these Advancement Department staff members and their work.
c. Carries out all supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures and all applicable laws.
d. Including, but are not limited to, interviewing, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating employees for the advancement department.

Education and Licensure:
• 2-5 years with a bachelor’s degree or higher or equivalent
• Experience in fundraising, project management, department development, and strategic leadership.