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Graphic Designer
Sign Connextion

Contact Person: Mike Prospek
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (206) 681-8531

Job description: Graphic Designer / Social Media manager (part-time)

Company: Sign Connextion
General Description:
Graphic designer / social media manager for our sign company of 25 years. Looking for someone who can design signage for our current clients, make or design advertisements and promotional signage for ourselves, and manage the company’s social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Primary Job function:
To design signage for orders placed by clients. Personalizing signage specific to a small business, all the way to entire property signage for large apartment complexes and more. Work with the company to discover client’s desires using pictures as a reference, measurements, color schemes, and more. On the social media side, the tasks are rather simple. No requirements for posting but the goal is to simply keep our presence active and continually post about projects we complete, or projects we are working on.

Required Skills:
– Fluent in adobe illustrator
– Familiar with social media
– Strong work ethic
– Attention to detail
– Quick turnaround on projects
– Personable
– Teachable / quick learner
– Good communication
– Responsive

Experience/ education: Experience in graphic design work is preferred.
Work hours: Part time 15-20 hours per week (sometimes more) daytime availability preferred. Potential for more hours after 90 day review

To Apply please send your resume and cover letter to and we will set up an interview.