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Partnership Architect
WiLD Leaders

Contact Person: Daniel Hallak
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Contact Phone: (425) 829-0518



What would change if you were investing in a generation of courageous and sacrificial leaders? This has been our mission since 2010. We’ve used the WiLD Toolkit, our system for Whole and Intentional Leader Development, to change the game for over 10,000 leaders globally, across diverse industries and sectors. Key to fulfilling this mission are WiLD Partnership Architects – leaders who are aligned with the values and vision of WiLD Leaders Inc. (WiLD). Partnership Architects champion and connect our systematic, whole leader development approach to leaders who need it most. If this resonates with you, then you might be interested in becoming a Partnership Architect with WiLD Leaders.

Partnership Architects are fully commissioned, independent contractors with WiLD Leaders who sell our systems and whole leader education services and products to leaders and organizations looking to build a whole leader development system in their organization. As a Partnership Architect, you’ll have the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself – maintaining your own flexibility of schedule and remote work location – with the benefit of a supportive team from WiLD Leaders and a generous commission structure. You will have access to the resources to help you succeed. At WiLD Leaders, we practice what we preach. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to participate in many of the whole leader development programs and tools that our clients experience. We have found that the best way to sell the process is to experience it yourself, and experiencing it with our team is so powerful. As an independent contractor, our hope is to provide you with all the resources and personal experience with the tools to bring your own testimony to conversations with potential client organizations.
At WiLD we’re not consultants or vendors. We’re positioned as thought leaders in whole leader development who bring a system for development that we can either facilitate ourselves or certify clients to implement. We are the destination for whole and intentional leader development for thousands of leaders with millions of leaders and employees in their sphere of influence – and every person connected to the WiLD Leaders team understands that opportunity for impact.

We build executive coaching, leader education, and expert facilitation around that core system, the WiLD Toolkit. As a conviction, we only partner with clients who are willing to invest in themselves as leaders. Executive buy-in isn’t the same as executive participation. If a leader is merely looking for “training” to “get their people” to do something, we won’t work with them. Therefore, our partnership architects as contractors are not trying to convince leaders to buy, but instead seeking out partner leaders and organizations who know they must develop leaders capacity now, and are looking for a system and that level of expertise.

Business development means something different at WiLD. We are developing long-term prospective clients as leaders from the moment they engage with us. Our goal is to leave every prospective client better than we found them and more equipped as a courageous and sacrificial leader. We aren’t just in business development, but are in the business of development. Our desire is that all our partnership architects as contractors align with that mission.


Partnership Architects are often our client’s initial introduction to whole and intentional leader development for the organizations for which they make the initial contact. For that reason, Partnership Architects are active participants in the full business development process, through the signature of an agreement, up to delivery. It is our expectation that Partnership Architects will have the capacity to do the following things on their own. You will have the opportunity to:
-Build trusting, long-term client relationships with key strategic buyers.
-Bring a strong and considerate leadership presence and guide clients in their decision making as a developmental coach. Avoid a high-pressure approach and leave prospective clients as better leaders than you found them.
-Prospect, identify, and qualify client leads.
-Sell virtually and build relationships through a caring and compelling presence over virtual platforms such as Zoom.
-Storytell in product demos and pitch decks to communicate the transformational impact of whole and intentional leader development.
-Commit to differentiated business correspondence and communication: Clear and concise yet caring and considerate.
-Be fluent with social media selling tools such as LinkedIn.
-Diligently utilize Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools for tracking and relational continuity.
-Ask thoughtful, developmental questions that diagnose needs, move the deal forward and develop the client as a leader at the same time.
-Commit to diligent, value-added follow-up with potential clients, leveraging the WiLD library of articles, videos and learning materials.
-Write proposals and negotiate service level agreements and statements of work for multi-year engagements.

The WiLD Leaders learning ecosystem serves multiple purposes: 1) Provides wrap-around support and upselling opportunities for our clients in order to maximize the impact of the WiLD system. 2) Creates opportunities for prospective buyers to experience the Wild System for themselves in order to decrease the length of the sales cycle and help the client “sell themselves” on the process. 3) Delivers developmental opportunities to WiLD Leaders team members. The WiLD team promotes the systems and tools that we believe in and use for our own development and growth. The most successful Partnership Architects will leverage these opportunities.
The learning ecosystem includes but isn’t limited to the following opportunities:
-Weekly WiLD Conversation
-Quarterly WiLD Experience Intensive Certification Program
-Quarterly Executive Roundtables
-Annual Executive Fellows Program
-The WiLD Toolkit System for Development
-WiLD Executive Coaching
-Team and Organizational WiLD Academies

For Partnership Architects, WiLD currently offers a standard 10% commission on the revenue for new business and 2% commission on renewals. This commission is uncapped. Contractor agreements for compensation and commission structures will be evaluated annually (at a minimum) for continuation based on WiLD Leaders growth. Commissions are paid at the point of WiLD receiving payment.