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Procurement Manager
Lumicor Inc

Contact Person: Debbie Sheets
Contact Phone: (425) 255-4000

Position Summary
The Procurement Manager is directly responsible for managing the company’s supply chain. This includes the successful acquisition of goods, equipment and services for the company while ensuring the greatest value without sacrificing quality. The Procurement Manager will develop, lead and execute the company’s overall procurement strategy across multiple levels of spend to ensure profitability and increase the Gross Margin Return on Investment. In order to succeed, the Procurement Manager should be skilled at problem solving, mathematics, negotiation, financial analysis and supply chain management while also having/obtaining experience in production, marketing, logistics and planning.

Additionally, the Procurement Manager will be a key component to solving product related technical issues, providing project management for customer and company programs, participating in lean production initiatives and developing and coordinating new product launches and strategies.

The following are a representative of the aspects and related responsibilities of the Procurement Manager and may not include all assigned duties:

Vendor Management
• Act as main point of contact for all Vendors and Suppliers for the company to build good working relationships
• Seek and partner with reliable vendors based on price, quality, production capability and delivery speed
• Continually evaluate and compare new and existing vendors to determine preferred and alternate sources for goods and services
• Interview vendors and visit facilities to examine and learn about products, services and capabilities
• Attend meetings, tradeshows and conferences to learn about new industry trends and make contacts with vendors
• Evaluate and monitor contracts/agreements to be sure that vendors comply with the terms and conditions of the contract and to determine need for changes
• Keep vendors up to date on the company’s business objectives
• Network with Vendors to obtain market information and data in regards to competitors

• Act as the company’s expert in raw material items including function, price and lead times
• Develop and implement company strategy to lower cost of goods sold
• Administer RFQ’s and bidding processes to secure materials and cost certainty
• Maintain records of goods and services ordered and received
• Monitor and forecast upcoming levels of demand based upon sales history and input of Sales Director and Managers
• Develop purchase order instructions, policies and procedures
• Review purchase order claims for conformance to company policy and resolve any claims against vendors/suppliers
• Establish alternate suppliers for raw materials, especially high dollar and high stock items

Inventory Control
• Act as the company lead in reducing cost of inventory by reviewing active sku’s, stocking levels, safety stock and reorder points on an ongoing basis
• Implement cycle count procedures and schedule to maintain accurate inventory
• Identify overlapping/duplicate raw materials and make suggestions for use or disposal
• Track and report key metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness
• Manage and develop material inspection guidelines, including masters, to ensure consistent quality standards

• Act as chief negotiator for all company agreements/contracts including suppliers, service providers and specific customers by developing strategies to close deals at optimal terms
• Forecast price and market trends to identify changes of balance in buyer-supplier power
• Acquire favorable pricing and terms from Vendors/Suppliers to meet company’s goal for profitability
• In collaboration with the Controller and Product Director, determine product pricing and negotiate with customers to achieve set goals

Technical and Product Development
• Act as the company’s lead source of information on new materials/vendors to enhance/supply the needs of new product development and/or production
• Make recommendations to improve productivity and efficiency that impact the bottom line of the company with lasting impact
• Develop product quality specifications

Product Management
• In collaboration with the Product Director, Engineering, Creative and Sales, the Procurement Manager will help implement and manage new customer projects including OEM, Aircraft, National Accounts, etc
• Review sales history and raw material usages to make recommendations for discontinuing product decors
• Source and qualify new product decors for upcoming product launches

Staff Management
• Manage and coordinate tasks/duties to be completed by Procurement/Purchasing Agent(s) and Procurement/Purchasing Assistant(s)
• Hold regular meetings to ensure staff is maintaining the procurement strategy of company and advising of or resolving any procurement issues
• Train, mentor and advise employees
• Hire, promote, terminate, review performance and set pay for staff as needed

Required Skills
• Bachelors degree in related discipline including Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or Logistics
• 2 years of Buying/Planning experience
• Working knowledge of MRP/ERP/CRM systems and other Vendor Management Software
• Strong negotiation and networking skills
• Familiarity with sourcing and vendor management
• Interest in market dynamics along with business sense
• Ability to gather and analyze data and to work with figures
• Solid judgement with ability to make good decisions
• Strong leadership capabilities
• Ability to manage and assign work flow in a rapidly changing environment
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• Professional and courteous communication with vendors and other team members

• Salary DOE
• Comprehensive benefits package