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Teacher – 3rd Grade
Summit Classical Christian School

Contact Person: Brooke Walters
Contact Email:

Relate to students by loving them with the love of Christ, encouraging them to develop a relationship with Christ, and challenging them to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Manage the class by setting clear expectations of behavior, establishing reasonable routines, and promoting self-discipline based on Biblical principles.

Teach students in a challenging, enthusiastic and age-appropriate manner using the classical Christian model.

Plan broadly by developing a year plan, semester plan, and daily plans for subjects taught.

Utilize recitation, Socratic questioning, exploration, and discovery.

Maintain a clean, well-ordered classroom.

Assess the learning of students on a regular basis and provide progress reports and report cards as required.

Maintain regular and accurate attendance and grade records to meet the demands for a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s progress.

Communicate clearly, frequently and regularly to parents about discipline issues regarding their children.

Prepare adequate information and materials for a substitute teacher.