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Fitness Trainer at X Gym

Contact Person: PJ Glassey
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (206) 938-9496
Location: Kirkland or Online
Status: Part-time employment

Duties and responsibilities:
1. Train one-on-one clients and/or small group classes using X Gym methodology.
2. Perform outstanding customer service and related duties.
3. Keep the club clean and maintained.
4. Do posted to do’s and checklists.
5. Perform other club related duties as requested by supervisor.

A high ethical standard is upheld at all times.
Customer service is always the highest priority.
A good work ethic, avoiding personal tasks (i.e. personal phone, web surfing, social media, etc.) when not on a break.
Getting regular favorable reviews from clients.
Timely reply to other trainers and supervisors (12 hours or less, when on duty).
Show up at least 15 minutes early to shift, rested, fed, and ready to go.
Leave any personal problems at home to be in a great state.
Good communication skills.
A positive attitude and an open mind.
An energetic, motivating coaching style: standing (not sitting), happy, encouraging, positive, etc.).
Put the client before self, especially in conversation ratios (95% them, 5% you – only to answer questions briefly).
High-intensity training, using the X Gym methods.
Safety and form emphasis.
Desire to learn new things and grow.
Complete opening, closing, and/or weekly checklists.
Execute the mission:
To revolutionize the world of fitness by providing new and innovative ways to transform people into their healthiest, happiest and fittest selves ever.

FREE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (no prior certification required):
X Gym certification process: We train and certify our own trainers with our own methods, so no outside certification is required, but is welcome.

If the candidate becomes an X Gym trainer at the end of the certification course, their certification is no charge. If they intend to use the methods outside the X Gym, the certification fee is $700.

Typical certification schedule (about 40 hours, but it can vary from person to person):
Week 1: Candidate shadows X Gym trainers and observes. Candidate
also gets worked out by X Gym trainer.
Week 2: Same as above plus operates the tablet with the Xercise cards
and enters data.
Week 3: Same as above plus sets weights/seat settings for clients.
Week 4: Same as above plus trains X Gym trainers and certain clients
while being shadowed by X Gym trainer.

Candidate is given a final practical and written test by PJ (X Gym founder) at the end, when trainers feel candidate is ready to be certified.