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KIROS Outdoor Event at Vasa Park

“How Does Your Specific Work Make a Difference for the Kingdom of God”

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

In Luke chapter 3, John the Baptist challenged the people to live in a different way in light of Christ’s coming. Luke 3:12, ”The tax collectors said, ‘What should we do?’” Luke 3:14, “Then the soldiers said, ‘What should we do?’” In each case, John did not tell them to leave their work, but rather to carry it on in a new way. Suppose John were here in Bellevue today, and he came with the same challenge. How might he answer the same question from financial planners, architects, tech workers, consultants, or business owners? We will offer several illustrations of this from KIROS participants, and then have small group discussion allowing each person to explore their own area of work.

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KIROS YP Event with Jamie Winship

Date to be announced

Jamie Winship
Identity Exchange

About Young Professionals

KIROS is excited to introduce a Young Professionals group, for those in their 20s and 30s. At our first meeting in March 2019, we had almost 100 in attendance! KIROS YPs meet on the first Thursday evening of each month, as well as special events on other dates. KIROS Young Professionals meet at a variety of locations on the Eastside of Seattle.

If you are interested in KIROS Young Professionals, please contact us at info@kiros.org.


The KIROS Young Professionals group aims to build and nurture a strong, supportive community of upcoming workplace leaders in the greater Seattle area.

*Encourage each other to grow in faith and business.
*Integrate spiritual ambition with career growth.
*Influence young professions in the greater Seattle area as a bridge to the KIROS community.
*Steward talent and spiritual walk, both vertically through mentor relationships and horizontally through peer relationships.


Come join our team of Young Professionals volunteers. Fill out application form here.