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Photo of KIROS Young Professionals Event

Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 20th, 2024 7:00-8:30pm

“Boundaries & Business: Seeking a God POV”

Randal Dick, Ph.D.

Forum Chair, Western Washington
Convene Business Forums

Randal’s passion, education and experience converge around organizational health. He defines organizational health as a company that makes a lot of money and better people. As a certified Process Consultant and executive coach, Randal helps boards of directors, C-suite leaders and management get clarity and confidence to successfully lead in the “soft” areas, relationships, empowerment, engagement and organizational culture.

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About Young Professionals

In 2019, KIROS launched the Young Professionals chapter to great success, finding that young working adults in the Puget Sound are eager to connect with each other and see the eternal value in their work. After the pandemic put the chapter on a brief hiatus, KIROS Young Professionals re-launched in May 2023.

If you are interested in KIROS Young Professionals, please contact us at


The KIROS Young Professionals group aims to build and nurture a strong, supportive community of upcoming workplace leaders in the greater Seattle area.

*Encourage each other to grow in faith and business.
*Integrate spiritual ambition with career growth.
*Influence young professions in the greater Seattle area as a bridge to the KIROS community.
*Steward talent and spiritual walk, both vertically through mentor relationships and horizontally through peer relationships.